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I'm hoping someone can help with this very irritating problem. My computer keeps losing the internet settings and browser history - this seems like it's happening hourly. I've checked the internet options, the scheduled tasks, and any other program I can think of that might be doing this, but I can't figure out why this is happening.
Because of this, my router can't continue to work, because every time I get it set up, the settings then go away, and I have to set it up all over again. However, this deleting of the settings happens whether I'm connected directly to the internet directly or with the router. It doesn't seem to correspond with restarting the computer or with opening IE7.
I'm not sure whether this is a problem of XP, IE7, or if spyware or some other program is doing this.
Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried deleting SpyBot and AdAware in case they were involved, but no success. I have Google Toolbar, and it seems to remember what I've searched for, so it doesn't seem involved.
Should I try re-installing IE7?

Thanks in advance!
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