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Looking to increase my RAM (regarding compatibility)?

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My current laptop (Vista 32) uses two 512mb PC2 RAM ... er, sticks. I'm looking to replace them with two PC5400 DDR2 ... sticks. Both laptop-designed, of course. Here's a link if it helps:

Don't ask what I'm doing it for. No offense, but my reasons are my own. All I want to know is whether or not I can.

If not, what would you recommend?



It's a Gateway.

# Operating system:Windows ()
# CPU type:AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-53
# CPU Speed (GHz):1.72
# System memory (GB):0.936
# Graphics card model:NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100
# Graphics card driver:nvd3dum.dll
# Desktop resolution:1440x900
# Hard disk size (GB):138.599
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Use a configuration utility at one of these Ram manufacturers web sites to see what is compatible with your laptop Crucial is probably the best one to use, You'll need the Model number off the laptop> Corsair , Crucial , OCZ
what is the gateways exact model number or you can let crucial scan your computer and tell you what ram is compatible.
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