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Looking to diagnose my WiFi problems

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Hey guys, first post here so let me know if i'm doing something wrong but i'll try.

So, i'll give you the long story with a TL;DR at the end. I recently moved to into a new house, with a new ISP and Modem, but still the same PC. I've visited this house before, and when I did the wifi was pretty bad on my PC. In games, I would constantly waver from 300-500 ping pretty much continuously. I ignored the problem then, but since I live here now I decided to try and fix the problem, and i'm pretty sure I was successful with fixing the issue. In all I: restarted the modem, changed to a public DNS server, and then did the ipconfig/flushdns command in CMD. It seemed like the problem was fixed.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I have a new problem. I'm not sure if the problem is related, but I wanted to give you guys that info just in case it may be the same issue, and I didn't fix it entirely or something. Now, I do not have consistently high ping, but rather I have ping spikes. My ping would be basically constant for 10 seconds to a minute or so, and then for between 1-15 seconds or so, it would spike to the thousands. I have tried all of the previous things I did, but none of those seem to have an effect.

Some things that may or may not be relevant to the problem:

The ping spikes seem to drop in frequency significantly when I'm not using voice communication such as skype or Discord

The ping spikes are only noticeable when playing games (League of Legends and Runescape) I have been able to watch videos pretty consistently.

And lastly, though this is most likely coincidence, it has started raining where I live recently and the lag did start pretty much when the rain did, but the rain is fairly light and i'd be surprised if that was the cause.

So, how should I go about diagnosing and fixing this problem? I'll check this thread every couple of minutes until I go to sleep, so I can work with anyone who happens to see it.

TL;DR Internet is having very high ping spikes that are more frequent while using voice communication and only noticeably occur when playing online games
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