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Looking for web cam drivers

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I'm looking for drivers for a web cam called ICatch Vii usb web cam for windows XP media center sp3 for a friend of mine. I've searched but didn't find any thing for real drivers. Does any one know where I can find these drivers for this web cam? MSN, Google, Tahoo, gives me nothing but more people who have non working web cams and looking for drivers.

any help will be greatly appriciated
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Hi go here join it's free and then look up the driver you get a few adds to put up with but it is a good resource for drivers and pretty safe
Ok that site is just bogus. Is there a place that doesn't ask me to register or sign up? I mean the only things I should he selecting is product model and operating saytem not answering where I work and what's my email and junk. And then I have to pay? Are you kidding me? What ever happend to free help? A driver for hardware should be free to obtain with out having to give and pay for some one to know unnessisary information. I don't really care what I do and neither should they and it all just gets annoying wihen you don't click a box.

Any one else know where I can find the driver or the companies web page who makes the camera? If not I'll tell my friend to whack the thing a few times with a hammer and I'll get her another one.
Hi here try this and you do not have to pay membership is free myself,dai and others all make use of this at no cost the link is only good for a 24hr period
With the webcam connected can you give me the ID?
Open the Device Manager
Post ALL errors you may have (yellow!)
Right click on the error>Properties>Details Tab
Post the info you find under Device Instance ID

Do this for each error you have
have aGigaware PC camera with Mic and the cd is damaged I am looking for a driver to get it working
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