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Here's something I posted a wile back

crazijoe said:
This all depends on what you need. My general rule of thumb. Seagate for reliability and WD for performance. I have 4 WD raptors on a RAID array and since installing them about a year and a half ago, had three different drives fail, three different times. Not enjoyable experience with a RAID 0 array. However my wifes computer is configured with 2 Seagate 80GB SATA drives in a RAID 0 array and been running flawlessly for about 2 years.

I really never had any problems with Seagate's Barracuda IV and V drives. They had pleanty of problems with their Barracuda III drives. I've seen alot of returns for them.

I'm not saying WD is bad but I don't think their quality is as good as it used to be.

Maxtor, I have RMA'd enough drives to fill a 55 gal barrel. Enough said about Maxtor.

Hitachi, I have had pretty good luck with them. I'd say they the quality of the Deskstars are about the same when it was under the IBM label.

Samsung, Their newer Spinpoint drives are very well built. I just got back into selling these and haven't had a problem yet. I did have lots of problems with Samsung drives about 2 years ago which kinda scared me on dealing with them again.

Fijitsu. These drives are like a time bomb. I am amazed how they do it. About every four out of five I have delt with have died at about the 4 year mark. They will run flawlessly for about 4 years. Not a problem, Not an instance, Then BAMM, the drive just dies. After dealing with Fijitsu drives, I try to make it a habit to replace my drives after 3 years of use.

To bad Micropolis isn't still around. They used to make one hell of a drive (I might be showing my age). I have used all different types of drives, back in the heyday of Connor till now with Seagate newest SATA drives with NCQ. I still buy drives on price and not by brand (Maxtor is really turning me off with their 1 year warranty).
To further my opinion on Maxtor. They are pushing a lot of product out the door and quality is suffering because of it. They even dropped their warranty down to a year. But alot of consumers don't look at these factors. All they look at is the 160GB HDD at CompUSA for $39.00 (after mail in rebates). This is an extremely good buy, but I would never use a $9.99 Bob's Closeout Special 200 piece tool set to work on my car. So why would I buy a cheap drive to store my critical data.
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