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looking for a good Anti virus...

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i was just wondering if anyone knows a good anti virus i should use. i had AVG 8.0 but found it was making Firefox run really slow. any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.
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I use AVG and have no problems. However, have a look here for some suggestions.
I have used Antivir, Nod32, AVG, Kaspersky and Avast! in the past, I have stuck with Avast because it's free and... works!

Try them all and find one that works well for you.
I use avira antivir personal free.

Never had a problem with it..
Sorry to butt in here with a question but I too will be looking for an AV when I've deleted my Norton's if I can't fix that. But what I'd like to know is... how can you download a new AV when your machine isn't protected to go on the internet? Seems silly to me that you have to go on to download one when you could get a virus because you haven't got an AV on the machine until you download one.

download one now before you get rid of norton..wont harm anything.. They might conflict a little, but you don't have to install new one yet...just have it downloaded and ready to install the day you remove norton.

I used to know someone wh ran two AV's and two firewalls on the same machine...Seemed a bit daft seeing all the configuring he had to do at the time.. this was 10 years a go :)
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