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One thing you don't want is. MX, version of a (GEFORCE) its
not worth it. I would go with a NVIDIA GEFORCE 3, or GEFORCE
4, no MX version there clocked down you won't get good speeds.
Or i would wait a little til (3D LABS) comes out with a card 3D LABS, is the company that makes video cards that they use in the
movies. Very nice company. ATI, makes good cards. But they lack
of drivers. So you would be stuck with a card. And no drivers.
SiS, They are just straight up garbage. They make one of the
worst Chipsets for motherboards. So your only pick is
NVIDIA GEFORCE no MX they look like a geforce but they don't
run like a geforce, And you have 3D LABS, If i was you i would
wait to this winter and get 3D LABS, New card
i hoped i help any more questions just ask...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.