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Looking For A Application...

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Hellow guys. First of all i am not sure if this is right forum to ask for an application. If is not i am sorry. I am gonna go directly to the point. I am Looking to find an an application that is gonna be able to manage and organize my application and game collection, and by refering to this , are not the applications that i have already installed to my system. I am refering to application collection that i might have in cd dvd or in my HDD like an iso file or just a folder. I just want to put these in order and not searching to find all day If i have this application this version or this game. Any Ideas? Thank you.
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It sounds like you just need a database with columns for title, media, version number, date, etc. You could use an office app or a free online service like Google Docs.
Office app like which???
OpenOffice (freeware) -
Google Docs (free online) -
Microsoft Office Live (free online version of MS Office, similar to Google Docs) -
Microsoft Office ($120) -
Thanks man for ur answer but the point is not to create one database from the scratch with Ms Access for example but to manage one, with good interface etc.
If you are like most any computer user these days you have lots of optical disks – DVD movies, MP3 collections and game installation disks. They represent a small personal fortune and contain everything you need to keep your life going. Finding a disk in such a big collection is no easy task unless you have a good memory or a CD organizer like Camel Disc Catalog.

Camel Disc Catalog is a nice CD catalog software that generates a computer database to keep track and find any disk in a snap. Just insert the disk into your CD-ROM drive and scan it. The program will automatically index the structure of files and folders, record file names and create a disk snapshot. Once the disk is scanned, you add it to the database and assign to a particular category – ‘Video’, ‘Music’, ‘Photo’ or ‘Software’. You can then add additional comments to the snapshot, such as its location in the house or the name and contacts of your pal who you lend out your disk. When you need to find the disk, run Camel Disc Catalog, browse to the snapshot and see where you put it or who borrowed the disk.
MediaMan is an organizer software designed to catalog your collection of music, books, videos, and games. It features virtual-shelf visual rendering of items, automated content retrieval, webcam barcode scanning, nested categories, tags, and flags for rental management. It's designed for you to organize the collection easily and quickly. Features such as single-click importing, drag & drop tagging, in-place editing can be really useful and time saving when establishing your own collection. MediaMan is also capable of playing back music and video files with the file association setup.
Collection Manager

A simple way to manage any kind of collection.

With the Collection Manager application, you are free to manage any kind of collection. To create a collection, you just have to enter its name and and to set its fields. For each collection, a form is automatically created to allow you to add some items within this collection. Your friends can visit your Collection Manager application to see all your collections and to add comments on your items. The Collection Manager application has a search function which allow to quickly find an item within your collections. Thanks to an atom feed, everyone can be notified when there are new items and new comments within your Collection Manager application.
Thank you koala. More or less these are the stuff i am searching to find out.
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