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long right-click wait time

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if i want to click on a file (folders & shortcuts work fine), like an EXE or TXT or ZIP or something, and right click it, it takes forever for the menu to come up. the only things that i have in the context menu is winzip & winrar. i have no idea why it takes so damn long. it gets so EDITED OUT annoying!
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See if this helps (last few posts).

Or this
These problems are caused by a bad context menu handler. A context menu handler is a shell extension handler that adds commands to an existing context menu (Example: cut, copy, paste, print, Scan with Norton etc). A poorly coded context menu handler may be causing any of the above symptoms. As context menu handlers can be added in different areas (file class, folder, allfilesystemobjects, HKCR\* registry keys), it's a difficult task for an end-user to pinpoint which shell extension is causing the problem.
nope. didn't help.
i did do a shellexview thing...heres the saved text file:

Have you made any recent hardware/software changes?

Have your XP CD handy, place it inside the drive and do this:

#: Restoring corrupt/missing Windows files.

-Press: Winkey+r
-Type: sfc /scannow
-Hit Enter

It will try and restore missing or corrupt Windows Protected Files and may take a long time (although you'll see a progress bar).

Restart your system when it finishes and see if that changes anything.
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did that a long time ago...didn't work.
What about a Disk Defragment?

Do you have Win Updates running on Auto?
yes...its still being retarded. i've done everything i could possibly do.
So you've also ran all security scans possible?

Do you have all the latest Windows updates installed and is the service running automatic (wasn't clear)?
If you have it auto, try turning the automatic updates service off completely as a checkup, reboot and see if that helps.

You have so many Shell Extensions. How many did the program flag and highlight?
Did you try TweakUIXp from MS to set the right click menu delay to zero? That is the easiest way out.
where would i find this in tweakui? i've had it for a long time...never seen anything about that though...
No promises, because I've only noticed the result of this manual fix in the start menu.

Go to Start -> Run -> regedit and find/select HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop. Find the key "MenuShowDelay" and adjust to a setting lower than the default (400 ms).
nope. still takes forever.
Its not a tweaking problem, its something other. If it was natural, then tweaking i.e. TweakUI, could decrease the timeout only from default for certain aspects (not right-click). This is usually seen with a corrupt OS or where you may have some services conflicting from various software.

Until I get an answer to the above post of mine, can't say anymore.

You can use method 2 (download shellExView) to look at all your context menu handlers and then disable them slowly one by one till you find the one that is causing your right click function to be so slow.
nope. didn't help.
i did do a shellexview thing...heres the saved text file:
up there...1st or 3rd post i think. that little program is real hard...
The rule is to disable non-Microsoft context menu handlers *one-by-one* and verify if the problem is solved. If disabling one does not solve the problem, undo the disabled item and disable the next non-Microsoft handler. Do the same until the problem is solved and finally identify the culprit.
okay i did a system restore, well right before i did it i made a restore point, so i restored it to a minute back and everything seems to be going VERY fast.
for some odd reason system restore, no matter what situation seems to fix whatever my problem may be.
It was because one of your softwares added has embedded context menu handlers that are delaying the right-click context menu. By disabling them one by one as elf suggested, you would've found the problem.
i don't know which one to disable. they are the ones i always have there.

out of curiosity how come u have home premium and ultimate.
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