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Hello Group.

I have just reformatted my system. I am using Win XP Pro with all the updates done. This version of XP installs IE7 as the browser.

I installed the latest version of FireFox along with a few add-ons such as the download bar, dictionary and speed dial.

When I first installed FF it worked perfectly and I was able to log in to all my favourite sites. I saved my most used sites to the Speed Dial add-on.

Now when I try to log into ne site I visit several times a day...I am unable to do so with the auto log in function. When I click on the site's log in function the user name box and password are filled in from FF but when I click on the log in function it dies not happen. I am unable to log into this site at all.

The auto log in function works well in IE.

I tried clearing the personal data function in FF but this made no difference.

I use the same configuration on my lap top without problem.

Help!!!!! Please
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