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Lockups when playing 3d games.

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Alrighty, I'm at a total and complete loss as to what could be responsible for this problem. Things I've already fixed:

1. IRQs are all separately assigned.
2. Power Supply is 350 watts (should be enough).
3. Tried the latest via chipset drivers (even gave the betas a shot)
4. Have the latest certified nVidia drivers.
5. Have the latest DirectX version.
6. Have the AGP fix from AMD for windows 2000.

Anyhow, I can't figure out what could be responsible for this and I'm hoping you guys might give me a few more ideas of what I could troubleshoot. Now, I can play most 3d games for a few minutes, but right after I start to enjoy myself the computer freezes. This isn't a heat problem either, as the highest temp spikes are usually only up to 45c.

My system:
AMD Athlon Tbird 1.4Ghz
PNY Geforce 3 Ti200
IWill KK266 plus motherboard
350W Antec power supply
Windows 2000
20 gig Western Digital Hard drive
40 gig Maxtor hard drive
DVD rom and also an HP CD-rw

If by some chance someone recognizes my motherboard and maybe knows which version of the VIA chipset drivers may be best for it, that'd probably help too. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Edit: I have a dual boot and the other OS is XP and I have the same problem playing games in that OS, except in Windows 2000 I can play games a few minutes longer before the computer freezes, but in XP it happens much faster.
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what games are you playing??? Are you trying to run it on opengl??? Did you add the video card after you loaded the game???

If you added the video card after you have loaded the game the game is still trying to play it from your old video card. Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. Hope this helps.
I'm playing Warcraft III and the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo mostly (same thing happens with the No One Lives Forever 2 demo, too). I've even had it lock up playing Red Faction, though.:(

Playing in OpenGL seems to reduce the occurance of the lockups as opposed to DirectX, but it still happens with OpenGL too.

I've had my current card since the last time I installed my operating systems.
I had a similar problem when I got my new Gforce4. I was attempting to play CS and it was locking up on me. I tried everything I could think of (drivers, hardware, etc....) but nothing worked. So I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it worked. So try doing this and see what happens.
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