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Loading Problems

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Whenever I turn on or restart my computer I have now gotten a screen showing this... CLIENT MAC ADDR 001109 66 ........ after the usual boot up screen.

It used to take about 10-15 seconds from turm on to Windows XP Main screen, with this popping up, it is now taking about 2 minutes. What is this? How can it be resolved?

Below is my specs...

MSI PT880 NEO LSR Mainboard
P4 2.4g Processor
GF 6800GT Video card
2g memory
WD 160g 7600RPM SATA HD

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like your computer is trying to connect to a server at boot. I want to say there might be something in msconfig that you can alter that'll change that, not sure what it is though. Wait around for someone and they may be able to give you something more specific.


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