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load up problems

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hello everyone, i have a problem loading up windows on my fujitsu notebook. this just happened today, but when i would turn my computer on it would load up properly till the login screen where your username/password info would be on. here the screen basically freezes however i am still able to move the mouse around.. please help me with this!! i have so many files on it that i need for school. thanks alot
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so you cant type your user name and password?

tap tap f8 on first startup
choose "last known good config." or safe mode as start up option

you need to use the 5 step procedure in my sig
i tried the last good known config button yet still the same thing happens..whats your 5 sig. thing your talking about. ok thanks.
yes i can get to safe mode
do you have an antivirus program you can run in safemode?
i tried it and it doesnt work..i was thinking about reformatting my computer but it won't let me under safemode. as well i have this recovery program that doesn't work because my computer needs to restart in dos mode in order for it to work but it has an error message saying it can not restart so it shuts the program down. i need help!! ok thanks.
What kind of media do you have for the computer?
You should be able to boot to the cd to do an install. You may also need to change the boot sequence to boot from the cd first.
In safe mode, go to control panel / users and select under tasks "create a new user account"
Give it a different name and password and full admin controls.
Then reboot to normal windows and try to login to it.
If this works; it is a problem with your user account.
Then you can use these instructions to fix the old one.
How to recover a damaged user profile account

If it too cannot boot to normal mode; something is messing with the keyboard driver.
i have a drive image special edition program that has my windows xp on it. but it doesnt work. because it wont restart the computer which is needed.
How are you suppose to recover from this program? It stated it places your info on a secure area directly on the user's hard drive where data can be backed up in an instant with just a click of the mouse. In the event of a system failure, the information can be retrieved at the level of its last back up state or the original factory condition.
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