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linux web server suggestions

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I am building a old pentium 2 for fun. I am going to run linux on it and use it as a webserver to host a website. I was wondering anyone has any suggestions for a good web server program to run on linux. And posibily a good place to find a tutrial on how to set it up. thanks so much
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Apache is a great webserver. What I'd recommend though is that once you get everything set up, run it without a GUI. It'll take the strain off the processor, which it sounds like you'll need 100% of to do pretty much anything.
Well there's heaps of documentation all over the net. Just use google!

Definettly use apache.

By the way, if you run slackware, a good place to start is
its going to be a pretty low traffic site but its fully of imagies. The site is already up. . If you want to check it out. I guess i could redesign the site but it needs to have lots of images. Suggestoins welcome
Ehh, are you telling us thats your webserver?

Anyways, that pentium 2 box should do fine if it's low traffic.

Fox has a point, what ever distro you go with, I suggest you uninstall X, and whatever other packages you won't be using. There's no point in wasting the resources :wink:
no its just my website up on my local providers free space. We want to registar a domain and get our site on google.
You could always just host the HTML files on your server and just hotlink the images- it would take a lot of the strain off your server.
what would i hot link them too? the server its posted on right now?
yes, you write the html to point to the images hosted on your ISP's space, and then you put that html onto your own server.

then, you'd be using your ISP's space as a photo bucket, and your home server wouldn't be killing itself handling all those images.

then, making updates on your server would be easy, rearranging pages, and if you needed to add pics, you FTP them to your ISP's space the same way you do now.
ok, check this out. i rewrote your code.

i am attaching it.

all i did, was make it point to the internet location proper of those images you have on your page.

now, this page, as i wrote it, looks identical to the original, but you could host this on any server anywhere without also adding the pictures, it's 1.25k filesize, and that's all your server will have to handle, and the images will show up just fine for the people viewing.

so, just make sure and leave the images on your ISP's space, and this will work fine.


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