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Linux printing questions

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Hi, folks!

I have two questions concerning linux printing:

1) How can I log all the printer usage with informations like user, filename, time, number of pages, etc. for individual printers (e.g. printer_name.log)?
2) How can I redirect a printer to a file, using variable names, by user (e.g. printer_name.user1, printer_name.user2, ...)?

I'm using LPRng with Red Hat 7.2

Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry about my english mistakes, I'm brazilian :)
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Hi folks, it's me again!

After a few searches, I decided to learn more about the LPRng, and reading it's HOWTO I found the options was looking for, except that I couldn't get to make the page counter work, so I started another thread to discuss this subject.

Thanks anyway.

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