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Linksys NR041 router to wireless

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I've had this setup running perfectly for going on 3 years and all of sudden BLAM! My wireless connection isn't working. Essentially, I have my cable modem connected to a Linksys NR041 router and the router splits the broadband between my old computer which has zero current or future potential for wireless access and Apple wireless base station. I would have foregone the Linksys router and just used the Apple wireles base station, but the hole in the floor just won't take another wire to run back down to the old computer in the basement.

A couple of general questions:

1.) Status Lights: I have two rows, Link/Act|100. What do these mean?

(the port that doesn't work has both lights lit and the working one only has Link/Act lit. Does that mean anything specific?)

2.) I have never had the wireless basestation connected to Port 1 on the router, but when I tried it today with Uplink depressed and not it didn't want to work. What is Uplink? It would seem that a wireless basestation is a hub and so I would think Uplink should be in use, if I plugged.

3.) CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I have no ideas left :4-dontkno and have 1 out of six computers succesfully networked.
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Answer to:

1) Link lights means you have something connected to it and it is seeing it and if it blinks then it is getting activity, the "100" light means the "link" is running at 100mbps if green and if orange it is only running at 10mbps from what I remember.

2) You don't want need to connect the basestation to the uplink.

3) We'll need to do a few things first to troubleshoot this.

Before we do anything, let's check the uplink port on the router, which port is next to the uplink? Is it "connected" or "tied" with the port it's next to, there is usually a line on top of the two ports that shows that they are tied. If there is, that means the port next to the uplink can't be used if something is plugged in the uplink.

Now we get down to testing all the ports, unplug everything from the router and plug your computer into each port and test internet connection and see if you can browse the internet on each port. You may have to wait a few seconds after plugging your computer in to be able to browse the internet. If you can't browse the internet then there is something wrong with that port. Let's skip the uplink in this process or make sure it is not set to uplink when testing this.

If all ports work, then you may need to look at the basestation. Have you checked the configuration of the basestation to make sure they are correct. Which computer are you trying to connect to the wireless, can you give us more on that computer maybe there is some settings on that computer that were changed.
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