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Linking from IE 6

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The Mother of all IE 6 problems:
Let’s say I go to a web page which has a web site link, such as a URL. When linking to that, if the link stays on the same page, I’m ok. But if an additional browser screen is needed, I have a problem. All I get is a second browser screen with the middle totally it was cut out with scissors. The toolbar is there and the URL box is blank. Now, if I click on the red STOP button in the toolbar on this second screen, the linking URL magically appears in the URL box and the page then fills in with the white screen saying that Internet Explorer was unable to link to this page. Then. . .if I click on refresh, or the GO button or the Enter key, this will finally bring up the linking web site. This applies to any website that I go to and try to link to another site on the page.
Attempted fixes:
1) Updated Microsoft downloads for IE 6
2) I ran the IE repair scheme through the add/remove program.
3) I ran system file checker from the RUN menu.
4) Uninstalled IE 6 and reverted back to 5.5, my previous browser. It did the same thing.
5) Reinstalled IE 6 and still no luck.
I have run this on other help sites with no luck and am continuing on.
Thanks much.
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link from IE 6

Hi there
I am haveing the same bother as above with laptop but not getting any further that the 2nd page.which remains blank. The way I have found round it is too copy to msn then go from there.
I look froward to hearing any solution. I do have other machine that works fine.

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