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Have diffuclities setting up linkagg on qnap-> Linksys swithch

setup -
NAS - qnap 451 ,
Switch : Linsys 318P (managed) - qnap connect on port1+port2

On the qnap I set linkagg for Managed switch (LACP):
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I confirm in the network interfaces the 2 adapters now shown as one with 2GB speed.
Now , on the linksys switch I'm little confused,
On the link agg I click appy on the Load Balancer method (by Mac address)

Product Azure Rectangle Font Screenshot

Please seee the LAG speed shows as 1000M where I expect to 2M (maybe its ok , im not sure)

for LAG1 on the LAG table i added the port1+port2 as following:
Rectangle Font Screenshot Personal computer Parallel

Not sure how i should set the the LAG mode Up/Down and whats the meaning of it .
Is that correct?
should i do anything else in the router as well?
thanks much for anyone can help
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