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Lexplore errors and Contin Crashing

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Recently I built a Pentium 4 1.6 GHZ System with a Via P4X266-PE11-S Motherboard, 256 MB DDR Ram, 80 GB Maxtor HD, and 16 MB ATI All in Wonder AGP Video Card. I installed Windows ME on it about 4 times now, and am still having a problem with it crashing. I have formatted it twice. Sometimes I get a blue screen, and sometimes just a popup box, many of which say "lexplore has caused an error in Kernel32.dll, or "lexplore has caused an error in mshtml.dll." or something similiar to that. I installed PC-Cillan (anti-virus) on my computer, and also get error messages such as "PCcioma has caused an error in GDI.exe." I was playing Quake 2, and it would be running fine, and then it would go back to windows, and freeze up the system. I have gotten messages such as "system is running on very low resources." Also a couple times that I was playing quake and it went back into windows, the screen would show a magnified portion of one corner of the windows screen. See attached BMP(Real Big Icons) I went to the MS site and installed the Windows update. I installed the software that came with the motherboard. I am currently running Int Explorer 5.5. I am somewhat new to building computers and maybe I forgot to set something in the bios or something else. If anyone has any idea what the problem might be, please let me know.

Dave:confused: :
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get off ME....spend the money for the XP upgrade....

ME= Mistake edition...

Sorry I cant be of more help...other ideas...check the stablity of the hard drive, the quality of the media and your memory!!
Have ahd similiar prob with Win 98

I had the same prob on a different computer with Win 98. Lots of lexplore errors. Someone told me to change the settings from 32 bit color to 16 bit color and that did help. It does not help on this computer though. You would think with all the Billions of dollars that Bill Gates has, he could make an operating system that is stable.X
Welcome to the forums Daveman.....:D

If you want to try another install of the os do this.

If the version of Win.ME that you have is a full version you can do a complete install from the CD.

But if it is an upgrade you will need an earlier version of Windows to show it when asked for a compliance check, Such as Win98, Win95 or 3.1 you get the idea.

OK here is what you need to do.

First go here <> and download the WinME boot disk.

WinME is FAT32

Boot to this new boot disk.

Select boot with no CD Rom support.

At the A:> Prompt type fdisk /mbr Enter

At the A:> prompt again type fdisk, When the prompt comes up about large disk support select yes.

Then select option 3 Enter

Select option 1 Enter

Select Yes

Type in the Volume Label if there is one and hit enter.

Are you sure Yes.


Select 1

Select Yes



Now you need to Format.

Boot to the floppy without CD-Rom support.

At the A prompt type format c:

Select yes

When it's finished you can enter a volume label such as hard drive or you can leave it blank.

Now boot to the floppy one more time, This time select boot with CD-Rom support

At the A prompt select E:\ enter.

This is assuming you have one hard drive and one CD-Rom. The E could be an F or some other letter depending on the amount of IDE devices you have.

With the WinME CD in the drive type setup, Enter this should start loading the Operating System.....

Have fun.....
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Bill Gates has made an Operating System that is stable. Upgrade to Windows 2000 or Windows XP, they are both stable. Do a clean install not an upgrade. My preference would be Windows Xp, but either would do. You won't be sorry you did. Doonz was right ME=mistake edition.

Good Luck
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