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Lenovo T410s - 0190 critical low battery error

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I got old Lenovo T410s laptop which had very weak battery but I didn't care since I was always running on power adapter.
However suddenly it started to show:
0190 critical low battery error
during startup and turned off.
It contains additional battery in extension bay (i.e. CD bay).
I tried to remove this battery and it was very difficult.
It occurs this battery has swollen.
Removing additional battery and running with only primery battery didn't help. Still
0190 critical low battery error
error occurred and no go.
Removing primery battery with power adapter plugged in resulted in laptop not responding to power button at all.
One week later I've just checked and laptop stopped to responding to power button even with primery battery and power adapter plugged in.
Is the laptop dead?
Should the laptop run with batteries removed and power adapter plugged in?
Could the swollen battery in extension bay damage some important circuits in laptop?
Is there any chance that replacing primery battery will fix the issue?
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The laptop should run without any batteries installed. Bad batteries should be replaced. If you have no intention of doing so, remove the bad battery and run on AC power. The issue with the power button could be unrelated. The button may need replacing, repair or servicing. Replacing the bad battery should get rid of the error, but it won't fix unrelated issues (power button). Something on the power circuit could be going bad, but you wouldn't know until the board is checked by a qualified technician. Replacing the battery is a first step and one that you can readily do unless money is the biggest obstacle (understandable). At least get the button checked.
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