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Lcd Tv

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I'm thinking of buying a LCD TV for my room, but if I buy it i would like it to be attacted to the computer that way when i wanna show something on the computer like a dvd or something, i'd be able too

is this possible? i've got a ati 9200 video card and my monitor is a sharp lcd 17" (it isnt widescreen and the tv would be widescreen i'm not sure if this is a problem)

anyways thanks for ur time, i really dont know that much about tv and video cards (Sorry if this is in the wrong section but i think it has to do with videocards)
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as long as your TV has an input that your video card can plug into, it shouldn't be a problem
but the thing is, i'd like it to be attacts to the pc all the time like i dont wanan have to always go and plug the cords in in back of the tv everytime i wanna watch something on the pc
would i have to plug them in every time?
You can leave the PC hooked up to it, the LCD should have couple inputs, all you to do is switch between inputs with the remote.

For Example:

LCD input (TV) I don't know how many inputs this monitor has if you can check and post the model or a link to the TV it would help, let's just say you have all these inputs below:

1. S-Video
2. Composite
3. Composite
4. DVI
5. VGA
6. Coaxial

- Let's say you have a cable box and you use the S-Video output from the box to connect to the S-Video input on the TV. To watch regular cable TV you have to switch to input #1 to watch cable TV.
- Now assuming your computer has a DVI output, you would connect that output to the DVI input on the monitor, and to display your computer you would have to switch to intput #4 which is your DVI.

This is just an example, it could be different for your TV.
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I'm not to sure what brand i'm gonan buy, i want a 27" but i'm not sure if i should get a sharp for 1.7 grand (canadian) or a prima (never heard of this brand) for 1 grand


You should be fine with both TV's. Do you have a cable box?
nevermind that :smile: . What else will you be plugging into the TV?
well for now
the computer and a bell expressview satallite and mabye my gamecube
and in about a year revolutions (new nintendo system)
and i'm not quite sure about a dvd player cause i'll have my dvd playrer on the pc so there would be really no point in buying another one
:D k ty (which would u recommend?) go for the brand? or save 700$ but i might lose quality
i'd go with the sharp. The thing with LCD's and plasma is that they can't display pure black. The better LCD's black is a little darker than the cheaper LCD's. I would pick the Sharp, we have those at the office and they are decent quality. I've never heard about the other brand. I would buy the sharp, you're already spending a good amount of money so you might as well get something that looks good and I'm the sure the sharp can display "black" better than the other one.

Have you checked out the panasonic? It has a better comb filter than the others one from what I've read. Now before I make any of the purchases I would go check them out at the store.
Ok thanks alot :D
one more thing tho,
how do i find out the viewing angle?
I would go to the MFG's website and see if they have the specs there, but remember with LCD's the wider the angle the darker the picture will get.
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