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Alright my laptop recently sorta broke i guess. It just wont turn on but the lights flash and stuff. So i need a new laptop. If you know anyone who buys broke laptops or trades for them please let me know cause i think its the motherboard perhaps its a Dell latitde CPx. Anyway getting back to the point. Which is the best brand and the cheapist at the same time. I was a laptop that will burn a DVD and play them the same for CDs, and one i can play games on when i want to. nothing to hard core or anything. needs a wireless thing built in.
Can someone anwser this and point me to a website or lol give me a laptop haha id love you forever lol.
Budget: How much money are you willing to spend on the laptop? Looking to stay around 400- 600 maybe abit more.

Screen: What size screen do you want, and do you need widescreen? Eh i dont really care.

Brands: Are there any brands you want? Hmm, ive had problems with dell laptops before. Id like a cheap alienware (wishes lol) but anyway Aleinware,Toshiba, gateway... HP....i think thats all the nice ones...

Mobility: How much will you need and how long does the battery need to last? Minimum of 2.5 hours... of course the more the better though

Durability: Does this laptop need to be sturdy or durable/semi-durable?
it should be semi-durible since ill be using it at home and taking it places.

Multitasking: Will you be multitasking with this laptop and if so, how much? School work and home stuff. Internet.MSn and ITunes i run thos 3 everyday and a few other programs...

Gaming: Will you be gaming and if so, how much and how new are the games? yes i will want to game once in awhle, none of the new new stuff tyho.

Calculations: Will you be doing any intense calculations or multimedia encoding? I want to burn DVDs/Cds, Play DVD/CDs

Storage: How much storage will you need and what will you be storing? I'd like to have a hefty amount of storage. I need a fair amount of memnorie More than 80 gigs for sure

Optical Media: Will you need to burn any optical media like CDs or DVDs?
yes burn and play both CDs and DVDs

Operating System: Do you want Windows XP or Vista, or Linux compatibility? I dont care windows is fine

Location: What country do you live in? USA

my price range is cheap cheap.

Thanks for the Help!
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