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Laptop won't wake up

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My friends each have a laptop (The same band) Well, a year ago one laptop went out. They would turn it on but the screen would be entirely black, the fans would stop after a few seconds and then the laptop would restart itself. After a while of trying to take the batery out and charger (Holding the pwer down) it wouldn't work but occasionally tapping the back would snap it on. Now it's back to black screen only.

Laptop two: This one would be fine but recently if left alone for an hour the laptop would be stuck on a black screen (Sleep or something I don't know they just walked away from it) They moved the mouse with no luck of turning it on. FInally they pressed the power button bu when it turned on it would flicker on for a second then turn off. Eventually it would be like laptop one (Black screen, no fans, restart itself) BUt this one does tend to snap on faster. Sometimes it they just restart the laptop it will boot up only a black screen then restart.

Any fixes.

Windows Xp.
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Hi and welcome!

Could you please provide the makes and models of both laptops? Please provide the full, exact model numbers.

Also, please provide details of any external devices that are attached to the systems.

Both are Compaq laptops V6000. No external devices. On the 1st computer the fans barely run for a second and sometimes not at all.
Thank you for the update... HOwever, are they really V6000's or is that just the base model? They made a wide variety that are labeled V6000, but that they also made a true V6000 too.

Please go here and verify that you are providing the correct full model number:

The next item that I need to know is if your AC power adapter has an LED light on it? If it does, does the light illuminate when you plug it into the AC outlet?

Next, let's try something else too:

  1. Unplug the laptop from the AC power
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Plug the AC adapter back in
  4. Try to power on the laptop

Next thing we need to check is the AC Adapter pin on the laptop.

  1. Unplug the AC Adapter from the AC outlet
  2. Plug the AC Adapter into the laptop (still not connected to the outlet on the other end)
  3. Gently move the AC Adapter connector on the laptop end; if it is loose the laptop will not receive enough power to operate.
  4. Remove the AC Adapter connector from the laptop
  5. Take a pencil, gently move the pin inside the laptop where the AC adapter connects to see if it is loose.
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For both laptops, I don't recall the module numbers offhand. But when I looked at them, the charger light was on when the charger was plugged in.
Great.... However, you will have to look at the bottom of the laptop to get the actual model number. Most of the time the V6000's are actually something different along those lines.

If you will do the battery removal and attempt to power on the laptop, that will help us eliminate another possible problem.

Hi and thanks for the update!

Did you check the AC Adapter connector on the laptop itself? This is where the AC Adapter plugs into the laptop, those are well known to break or become loose to where the system will not receive correct power and/or will not receive continous power.

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