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Laptop won't turn on

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I have a Dell Latitude laptop computer, and all of a sudden, it has just quit turning on. I press the power button, and all of the symbols come up on the display screen on the keyboard, then all but three turn off, then nothing happens. The computer never starts running. Any possible solutions, or is this just a dead computer?
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Some laptop power supplies act that way if the battery has totally failed. You might want to try charging the battery and see if you can measure any voltage across the supply terminals.
I was going to reply with the same thing Johnwill did. I saw this symptom on an IBM Stinkpad (;)). If you take out the battery, and make sure it's plugged into A/C, will it turn on?
even when i do take the battery out and plug it in, still nothing. thanks for the help guys. any other suggestions?
Picking on IBM ...huh

take a SMALL screwdriver...(since its a DELL I would say a big sledge hammer but this rarley fixes it...well working fix that is ...anyway) and lossen (yes loosen ...not they got tightened is anybodys guess) the screws on the back of the this is not voodoo..was actullay told by a Dell techsupport about a month ago when a client latatude wouldnt boot...for some reason least in my case...losseing the scews solved the problem... Just a thought....
Doonz, that's why I threw in the ;) ... for you Buddy! :D
I tried to loosen the screws, still nothing. I am starting to believe that the sledge hammer is the best idea. Any other suggestions? Thanks for all the help.
could try a hard reset, take out the battery and the ac cable and hold down the power button for about 10-15 seconds put the ac cable and battery back in and then try and start the system up, other than that you could try and reseat the ram, as in take it out and then put it back in.
Thanks again, still not working though. Can anybody say "BRING ON THE SLEDGE HAMMER"?
It's much more fun to find a tall building and a friend with a video camera on the bottom ... ;)
Do you still have warrenty? If not then Pseudocyber has an excellent idea... sounds like the mainboard needs to be replaced thats the thing about laptops... something breaks on it and you pretty much have to replace to whole thing.
Hey, that whole top of a building thing sounds good. I might just have to climb to the top of this building and drop it off right onto the sidewalk. Thanks for the great idea. Now, I just need to find somebody with that camera. Hmm.

btw, no warrantee.
Wasn't my idea - David Letterman used to do that in the days that his show was funny ...
yeah....its more fun if you aim for a friend and watch him run arround trying to avoid laptop smacking him/her in the had at 200mph... LOL :angel: :tongue2:

was it Letterman or Leno that was playing golf from the buildings ? I think they were trying to get golfballs into the exec. offices ?
Probably Letterman.
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