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Laptop with dual screen keeps resetting settings

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I have a user that has a Toshiba Laptop. She connects to a 2nd Monitor via a Kensington Dock 33367. Her laptop is the default monitor and the 2nd Monitor is an extended screen for her to put documents on, open web pages etc.

Every morning when she reconnects the latop to the dock via a USB cable as the laptop has to be taken offsite. The screens change settings and she ends up with her desktop on both monitors!

I then have to manually change the monitors in the display settings. Why does it keep resetting itself, can anyone advise.

I have checked the drivers for the Kensington Dock and they seem to be working fine.

Many thanks
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what operating system?

same issue, dont want to clutter up searches with another thread.
Seems to only affect laptops after re-docking, so it must be something to do with detection upon bootup based on teh previous boots settings, maybe. Seems that if I reboot on the dock it pulls up the extended screen. If anyone could help figure how to make the extended screen persist through dock sessions that would be awesome. I'll keep looking in the mean time.
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