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Laptop vs surface pro 3/4

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I am looking to pick up a new/used laptop or surface pro 3/4 for college. Is one better then the other?

The main features I require are:
1. Battery life
2. touch screen (and possibly a digitizer touch screen)
3. ability to be used in a lap because desks in lecture hall may be too small
4. not important but abaility for light gaming (ie minecraft, games that could have been played on a macbook)

I will mostly be taking biology and chemistry classes and need a device that works well for those type of courses.

I am looking to spend around $600-900.00 and am looking at both new and used/refurbished options.

I am currently using a macbook pro 13" to type and record audio using onenote but am considering a laptop/table with touch screen so i can handwrite/type/and draw notes and for the widnows version of onenote.
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I've also considered it before but what I want to know if is the surface better taking notes? I've read and heard that the pen integration on the surface pro is great. can 2-in-1 laptops compete with it? The main reason i'm not sure about the surface pro is how it'll do on my lap when i do not have a big enough desk or any desk at all.
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