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Laptop that was previously networked now is no longer. Help!

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I have 3 computers in my wireless network:
Desktop - Vista
Laptop #1 - Win7
Laptop #2 - Win 7

My printer is plugged into the desktop. Over the summer, I moved. Once I set up all of the components of my computer network, laptop #1 could no longer find the printer. Laptop #2 can print no problem.
I am able to see laptop #1 in the network map on the desktop and vice versa. Pings work both ways. I am able to access the internet wirelessly with laptop #1. When I try to add the printer, it gives me the error 0x80070035. I have googled and googled for a fix and have tried all of them.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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So now laptop could access the desktop and access the public folders but not vice versa correct? Well if you have the windows firewall, you should be okay. I see from the posts that you have a Mcafee firewall?

Try this, on your vista, click on start and on the search bar, type in and enter

If the laptop's computer name was Tom-PC you would type in \\Tom-PC
Try \\ipaddress(the static IP that you assigned)

If that doesn't work try power cycling the router. If it worked before, there shouldn't be any configuration needed.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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