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Laptop that was previously networked now is no longer. Help!

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I have 3 computers in my wireless network:
Desktop - Vista
Laptop #1 - Win7
Laptop #2 - Win 7

My printer is plugged into the desktop. Over the summer, I moved. Once I set up all of the components of my computer network, laptop #1 could no longer find the printer. Laptop #2 can print no problem.
I am able to see laptop #1 in the network map on the desktop and vice versa. Pings work both ways. I am able to access the internet wirelessly with laptop #1. When I try to add the printer, it gives me the error 0x80070035. I have googled and googled for a fix and have tried all of them.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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Welcome to TSF,

The error code is usually a sign of a firewall issue. Do you have any Security or Firewall software installed from the problematic computer and also to the computer that you're trying to connect to where the printer is connected to?

Another option, you might want to check if your router has a USB port bec you may plug in your printer and no printer sharing is needed using a Workgroup or Homegroup and it's hassle free this way.
Is it a Security software with firewall? If it is, try to disable the Firewall feature for now then see if you can add the printer.

Do you have the file and printer allowed in a safe zone in your McAfee?
Just to clarify, now you're able to print but this is still an issue? Is laptop 1 wireless?
Now the network map does not have laptop #1 connected to anything. I was never able to access file sharing and still am not.
What the type of McAfee software do you have? Please see here:
To be sure, please install Secunia PSI, you will see if you have any outdated software.
Free Security Software Download - (PSI) - Secunia

You may provide us the print screens of the results.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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