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So I have a new problem with my pc, I encounter it all the time in games and also in normal use,when under full load the laptop stutters.
I mean in games(csgo) it goes with 110-120 fps for 2-3 seconds than it lags for 1-2 seconds(20-30fps) and goes up again to 110-120 and its doing this continuously(it used to run in 140-150 all the time)
Its doing this in chrome and other apps too...

Laptop: Acer Aspire 3
Cpu: Intel i7-10510U
Gpu: Nvidia MX230

I dont know what the problem is, the only thing I might know is the cause but I'm not sure if this is it. I opened the latop up, to see the internals(to see if an ssd upgrade is possible), and I saw that there was a lot of thermal paste in a lot of places where it shouldn't be(on the green coloured motherboard pieces), at least thats what i thought , but im sure the motherboard requires no thermal paste, and not in so small ammounts, so i cleaned it, gently with a cotton swab, and then put back the copper pipes on the cpu and gpu( one piece ) and I dont know if i tightened the screws enough or too much.
I tried losening them and tightening them, it helped a bit but not back to normal, and now after more antempts of adjustment I think its the worst (60-80fps in menu) (35-45fps in game ) and it still does that 1-2 second lag

(Also when it was more okish(frames were 100-110), when i pressed not hard(gently) the part on the pc where the cpu and gpu is(metal part in front of laptop, above and on keyboard) it dropped suddenly to 20-30fps again)
I found this very strange.

I tried to do everything as gently and patiently as possible but now I'm relly scared that I messed everything up... :'(

It is still in warranty but I think I already voided that with my stupid acts.(if not please tell me so i can send it in for repair)

Ps: I tried using a stress test to find the problem, On stress test cpu load was 100%, and on task manager it was 60-70% constant and it was only 1.83ghz, although the cpu max is 4.9ghz
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