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Laptop Stutter Help

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I've been using this laptop for less than 6 months now, and I'm wondering why on certain games, my laptop stutters, like it's freezing for a second or two, with my mouse moving freely. It just happens in like 2 out of 10 times, but still, it's sometimes a game changer.

I've noticed this is happening whenever something new is gonna happen, video and audio wise. Like for example, in an online game, someone throws out a skill at me which I have never encountered at that time, would give me the stutter.

I'm wondering if it's because of the driver of my video card, it can't be updated. I'm using the Asus G73JH-BST7 laptop.

People say that I'm stuck with the Catalyst driver of ATI. Is there anyway to update this?
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It's probably of overheating as laptops make very poor gaming platforms.
Having the laptop unplugged will drastically reduce system performance. Having many applications will too. As ebackhus mentions overheating will play a part as well. Laptop performance does not generally hold up as well as desktop.

A couple of things to try:
Run an anti-virus scan
Run a Disk Defrag using default Windows software
Run CCleaner regularly
Keep the laptop well-ventilated from the bottom and all sides (using a 'lap pad' or writing pad or whatever is not recommended) either keep it on your lap with underside fans exposed or on a flat surface, preferably with an underside fan attachment from a store.
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