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Laptop Processor Upgrade presario 2500 questions

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I'm upgrading the processor in my laptop currently i'm pretty sure i have he one listed below, I've checked itwith cpuz and the user manual etc. (2.8ghz - 28x multiplier - 128kb cache 1.3um)

The one reason I'm unsure is because its listed as a desk top celeron processor. but it has a 400mhz rated fsb. Which is practically a laptop fsb.

Anyway the user manual listed the most powerful cpu that came with the laptop as new as a 3.06ghz mobile pentium 4. So i bought a 3.06ghz mobile pentium 4 off ebay,

problem is theres two 3.06ghz one is 1.3um with 512kb cache.

the other is 90 nm with with 1mb cache.

both of these run on a 533fsb. All of them are socket 478.

I have purchased the 90nm processor with 1mb cache.

The board has the compaq ID number 355478-001 and is described as

"Motherboard (system board) - For De-featured (DF) models supporting the three-fan (3F) configuration - Does not include processor "

This board is used in many models the list is here

What i wanted to know is

1. will my board support this processor

2. If no one knows (i've searched high and low for an answer) how interchanable are socket 478 processors i've only ever dealt with lga775 and it seems like if you have a modest fsb 800/1066 then a bios update will make a fairly old board run new cpus. Is this the case with 478 processors

3. Have i wasted my money.

Sorry for the length of this post just trying to give all info.

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