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Laptop problem

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the laptop i have is called a hightlander my dad bought it and i had to reformate it cuse it got a vires but now the sound driver for it is gone and i dont know how to get it back , and i dont have the cd for it can anyone help?
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please give us all the info regarding make & model number and do so carefully making sure that there are no spelling mistakes .. we'll see what we can find.
im not sure what its make is or where to look but the model no. is 755116
i've tried

hightlander laptop 755116
& highlander laptop 755116

with no results .. can we look for a label to see if there is anything more specific .. any manuals ??

What OS came installed / pre installed on it .. maybe there is a hidden restore partition
it had windows xp i cant find any manuals on the sticker on the back there were some no.'s near the model no. wich are N719
there are some no.s at the bottem near the where its made that are 63-UD401K-00
Sorry I can't find anything relative on the internet .. are you sure that you spelt the manufacturer / model correctly ?? Is there perhaps an FCC number shown ?
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