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Laptop problem

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Hi, and thanks in advance for any info/help. Also, please axcuse my informal computer language, as I'm not too familiar with computers... Anyways, the problem I'm having is that when I turn on my other laptop, it seems to run normally, and then when it finishes loading windows xp and goes to the welcome screen then desktop, it doesn't load any of the icons or anything. The only thing I see is my desktop background. Sometimes it will just stay on this screen, and sometimes it will load the screen where you choose your user to get on the computer with (which I've never set up or anything by the way). Also, a few times when I left the screen sitting there for a while an error message would pop up relating to virtual memory being too low.... Anyone know how to fix this problem?
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did you install anything prior to this happening? Is it the same way in safemode? Finally how much ram do you have on the system?
I'm not sure how much ram it has, I want to say either 512 or 756 or something. As far as installing anything, no not anytime recently. And safemode, I'm not sure how to get it into safemode with this laptop (it's dell, but I don't know the specific model or anything). I tried to do this Diagnostic boot thing and it ran some tests, but it passed all the tests.
Sry for double post, but I needed this bumped... Problem has persisted and I have no clue what to do... I'm willing to do anything at this point, because my brother gets home soon and he's gonna be pissed. Even if what I do will remove all my current files on the laptop, I'll do it. Any help will be VERY MUCH appreciated
check this thread for how to boot in safe mode on a dell

anyhoo if its a virtual memory issue that implies ram, open up the ram slot on the bottom and swap the sticks around (thats assuming theres two) try it with one stick then the other one also as one could be causing the trouble.

to get them out theres a cover possibly labeled ram with one or two screws on it and and some little clips inside that if you open the ram should just spring out. only hold it by the sides not on the metal, wear medical gloves or earth yourself if possible. tp put em back in insert them at around 30 degrees (angle not temp :p) and push gently. its obvious when you get it right.

If it is a software issue and your happy to wipe the system and start again lose all your files just put in your xp cd do a fresh windows install format the hard drive etc. Takes about an hour tops.
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Okay I tried the ram thing, I only have 1 RAM stick though so I couldn't do much. I'm holding off on the xp cd for last, cuz I don't remember where it is and I don't want to look for it, but I'm doing the safemode thing and I don't think it's working, because nearly the same thing happens. When I start it in safemode it takes me to the same blue welcome screen as before, but in addition to being able to log in as admin, I have an option administrator... When I click either, nothing happens, it just says its starting up, then pops right back to the welcome screen.... I'm so helpless right now, anybody ever heard of this problem before at all? I guess I'll go looking for the xp disk.
Ok... I can't find my Windows XP disk for the life of me... I can't get onto windows to load up anything, so I'm basically stuck with the F8 and F12 menus during startup and the F2 (settings) menu.... When I start it in safemode the same problem persists, and I have no clue what to do. If anybody knows how to re-install windows xp without a disk or another method of reviving my system, please god tell me. I'm completely screwed if I don't fix this within the day, so please anyone help me quickly!
are you talking to us from a laptop or a desktop? How big was that stick of ram in the laptop your having problems with? Is it below xp's minimum spec? its possible it could be damaged do you have a laptop with the same kind of ram so you can test the problem laptops ram in the working laptop. and the working laptops ram in the problem laptop.

Try to work out if the hardware is damaged first.

Are you saying in safe mode you couldnt log in as the administator? because that wasnt entirely clear.

If you can establish its not a hardware issue then you need an xp cd (borrow one if possible) or torrent an xp iso. I think it does give you the option of attempting to repair xp when you boot from the disk. try that. if that doesnt work you'll have to start from scratch
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