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Well I got a new battery for an old Sony Vaio pcg-955c aka pcg-fx120. I left it charging for a good four or five hours and then though I'd try starting it up.

When I pressed the power button everything flashed on, I heard a small click and then it went dead. No lights, no response, nothing. Anyway this isn’t the problem.

I left the battery in it overnight and when I walked past it in the morning I noticed a slight smell, you all know the smell, so I figured I'd try turning it on. Miracle, lights came on and the computer appeared to be starting.

Now, this is my problem.
The hdd light only flashes on once when I push the power button and then stays off. The LCD screen does not power on and plugging a pc screen into the laptop gets no response either. The CPU fan does not spin regularly and instead whirrs (faster and slower?) with a pattern.

I am rather savvy and can always fix my pc but with this laptop I am lost.
I have pulled the whole thing apart a half dozen times and have found utterly no hardware damage at all, no loose connections, nothing.

Any advice/help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
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