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I have a Micron Transport GX+ that suffered a major meltdown on one half of the machine. It was plugged in through an in-line APC surge protector (which was not tripped) and it's AC Adapter (which was not hot). The left side of the laptop was SO hot (thank GOD it didn't start a fire) it melted the keys, the right side remained in tacked. The machine was still able to boot (although the last time I tried it could not find the operating system).

Still under a year old, Micron is saying that their warranties do not cover such damage (as they are claiming it was caused by a power surge. It's my feeling that a power surge of that magnitude would have blown either the APC or the AC Adapter (not to mention the circuit) before reaching the system, and/or would effect the entire machine, not just the left side. Are my feelings correct? I said I thought it was maybe the fan or something. They claimed that the machine would have shut down as an effect thus damage of such would be impossible.

Any thoughts???
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You need to talk to APC - they should have a gurantee on their surge suppressor good worth X of $$$.

Right about Micron - no manufacturer will cover power surges.

It actually MELTED!?!?! Geez, you are lucky it didn't catch fire! Or electrocute you!
your best bet is to call the maker of the surge protecter....they (APC and Tripp Lite) garuntee thier devices will protect your equitment....if you register the UPS....if not they might be able to point you in a "better " direction
Homeowners/Renters insurance might cover it as well. Especially if lightning related.
So do you agree that these symptoms can be caused by a power surge eventhough all other conditions are true? MicPC diagnosed such, site un-seen. That's why I was seeking outside ''expert" advice. Thanks
Havent heard anything nice about Micron it wouldnt suprise me if they are sweeping it away...with electricity anything is runs the path of least resistance....

Lesson learned (IMO) the money saved by going with a cheaper laptop is lost in trying to get it serviced!! HP DELL or IBM worth every cent in area like this...:angel:
Related laptop nightmare story. Knew a coworker who was so proud of her kickin, no-name laptop. She had leased it.

Well, pretty soon the company that made it goes under and sells the lease to a financial company. Of course after this happens, she starts having power supply trouble. She calls, but the company is gone under and third party service people say they'll look at it but no gurantees about parts, etc. and at a rate of about $100/hr.

She still has to pay the lease fee however, the finance company doesn't care about the laptop, they just want the money.

I think she was talking to a lawyer ...
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