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I dropped my water bottle on the floor and it kind of splashed upwards all over my table including very little water droplets on the bottom of my screen while it was asleep.

I wiped off water with microfiber cloth to soak the visible water on the bottom edge of my screen as fast as I could and I didn't see anymore water after.

I saw the drop kind of "pool" on the edge, so I'm assuming it was hopefully sealed and water didn't actually go inside.

I turned on the laptop screen and it's working fine, no dead pixels or any distortion whatsoever.

Are there generally any other safety measures I should take or is this ok?

If any water did get UNDER the screen, albeit I bet it was VERY little, will this clear out by itself overtime and if not is it okay to leave it? Would I even notice it's effects later on?

For reference just enough water was here to be seen and wiped off: Screenshot
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