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Laptop Keyboard Problem Compaq V5000

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The keyboard does not display the respective output. Some keys display more than one entry and the backspace key does not work and various other strange things. If I plug in a remote USB keyboard everything works fine. I replaced the keyboard and the new one works exactly the same as the old one. I thought maybe a virus had gotten to the keyboard driver so I restored it back to "out of the box" and started over but still no change. Maybe a corrupted driver or maybe a bad chip? (Maybe It should be sold for spare parts on eBay). I just don't know where to go from here! Any ideas would be appreciated!
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hi JFHarrod,

correct me if i am wrong... after replacing the keyboard the symptoms remain although USB keyboard works fine. you did not reinstall Windows, correct?

surely looks hardware but could be other reasons as well. try running a live CD of another operating system like Linux (i.e. Knoppix or Ubuntu). this way, you will know if it is virus/malware related, hardware or corrupt Windows files.
Actually I guess I did re-install Windows. I restored the laptop back to the original "out of the box"' with its built in restore program. I un-installed all the Compaq/HP propaganda junk that comes with laptop. I installed a new fire wall and virus programs. I installed Office, and all my other personal programs like, Thunderbird & Firefox for email & Web searching and all my other personal programs. The Remote keyboard works perfectly but the new installed laptop keyboard still does not work properly. Since this laptop stays in the kitchen and we really do not travel with it, I can just leave the remote keyboard attached but I still think it might be something simple that I have overlooked. Can I run some kind of keyboard test or verify a driver? Why does the remote work but the local does not? I know the remote keyboard is coming through the USB port and I guess the local keyboard is connected to the main motherboard buss through the ribbon cable? So do they use different drivers and if so can they be found and replaced with known good ones?
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so you reinstalled Windows from recovery CD or recovery partition, right? check this page for the drivers:

btw have you tried a linux live CD? try Knoppix or PCLinuxOS. no need to install on the hard drive. it can be run right off the CD drive. this will tell you if it is hardware related or not. if symptoms show up in Linux, then you can focus on the hardware.
I do not have any of the mentioned CD's. Can I download them from the web site, copy onto a CD and then boot from the CD?
see the Linux Live CD link on my sig? try that link to get to the linux download sites. i suggest you use Knoppix or PCLinuxOS. as per my experience they work 'right out of the box' compared to the new Ubuntu.

you can also use Windows XP live CD created by BART PE.

our objective here is to see if this is hardware or drivers related.
I'm Having the same problem with my v5000. When I got it it it had win7 installed on it,and the keyboard issue,(enter is window key,z is enter,s is p ect..)figured 7 was to new for this computer as its not on the "7 list" and lack of I installed a fresh full vers. vista home on it, went to and got my drivers. everythings great. keyboard works great all night. I shut it down like normal.when I turned it on the next morning the issue was back.I restarted it a few times but no change. read ya'lls post and will try the linix thing,any more ideas fellas?
mmmm... ok I'm downloading knoppix via your link v6.2.1dvd 2010-01-31 en at 3.63gb. sound bout right? Is this gonna be complicated?
ok sorry so many post so soon... I just flashed my bios and am typing this with my keyboard now,every thing fixed now(for the moment) knoppix just got done downloading on my desktop so I'll burn a copy of that and wait for this to happen again.who knows. thanks anyways fellas!
Anxious to hear if it worked or not.
I have a similar problem with the right half of my keyboard displaying characters that are different than those on the keys.
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