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Laptop keeps restarting

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I previously posted this in another forum, but am now thinking it is a hardware problem. This is the thread:

Basically my laptop keep restarting itself, asking me what to do in a black screen, then showing the black start up XP screen and then crashing and briefly showing some blue error screen. This keeps repeating itself. I tried normal start up, last known configurations and safe mode, but either way it can't get past the black start up screen.

When it was still working, I didn't look at the light signal that indicates whether it needs power or not, and I just keep the adapter plugged in at all times.

I tried to load up completely and kept it plugged into the adapter untill the red light indicating it needs power turned off. Then when I tried to start up, the adapter not plugged in, it was low on power within no-time. The adapter is tested and is still working.

Is it the battery? What else could it be? Should I just replace the battery or is there anything else I could do?

This is the type of laptop:
Packard Bell 63295 PL EasyNote C3255
Microsoft Windows XP
I purchased it in 2006 and have never cleaned it yet. It got pretty hot sometimes.
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Hi the error you mention would point to a driver being the issue as was suggested you need to try to run a repair with your disc you may need to access the bios and set your cd\dvd drive as the first boot device info on how to get to the bios is here
It worked! A friend put the XP repair disk in and it's fixed now. Don't think he had to do anything with the BIOS. Thanx for the info! Problem solved:smile:
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