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Hi there!
I'm posting desperately to get some advice for my situation..
I first installed ADSL on this laptop about 5 months ago.
Earlier I rarely used this laptop, but I had to install ADSL
on this since the other PC I use is incompatible with the
I always used to surf on the laptop since then, the laptop
always plugged to the electricity.
I am a very frequent user of the computer, so I am almost
always online...
Now the problem started about three weeks ago.
Suddenly the sound of the ventilator changes and seems
like the reactor of a Boeing Jet taking off.
Then, after a few hours, (the laptop is very hot then!),
the laptop power-offs automatically!!!
Since then, everyday I encounter a new problem
(that persists forever..).. like the connection speed of
internet (even though having ADSL) seems to go much
slower than earlier! Not only internet, the whole system,
I suppose...
Today a new problem: now the electricity doesn't come
to the laptop through the plug unless you keep the
wire in a specific (and strange) position.

Could somebody please give me an advice on how to
solve my problem or avoid other problematic things..
I know part of the reason of all this trouble may be the
fact that I kept it on the whole time (sometimes even
more than 24 hours!!)... but I'd like to know whether
there are other reasons and a solution... please!!!


Hello Treshan and welcome to Tech Support Forums.

From what you described in your post it sounds like the cooling fan has expired. I wouldn't run the machine anymore without a qualified tech looking at it first.

If you choose to do so could result in a CPU failure if not worse.

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Who makes the laptop???

Check the MFG website and see how to access the diagnostics....

IBM's try holding F1 while the system boots....this will (should) activate the onboard diags...or download whats called PC doctor from the support site...

not an IBM (you should of spent the money...Just kidding -I am an IBM resleller/authorized repair depot) look around...but speed is right if you are not comfortable with laptops...and a desktop has alot more room to work before you destroy it...take it to an authorized repair shop..there is little play with laptop parts before something breaks...
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