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Hello everyone, I'm currently having an reoccurring issue with my laptop. It's a Dell G5 15 SE that I bought quite a few months back for school. For the past few weeks I've continued to have this issue when browsing the web, or running applications where my laptop will have these lag spikes that happen where my mouse cursor will get stuck then move around very slowly. Eventually it stops and goes back to normal, but this happens occasionally every 30 minutes or so. Before it didn't bother me as much, but now it's starting to REALLY get on my nerves especially when I'm trying to do schoolwork and I keep having these interruptions.

I have already done some searching on google and was unable to find anyone else experiencing any of the issues I'm having. I did notice though after I would have one of these lag spikes I would go under my task manager and see my CPU running around 60% and my memory being used around 65%. Once the spike is over with though my CPU would go back down to around 4% usage but my memory stays around the 60% range all the time. I'm not sure if there are programs that I have running in the background that are causing these issues. My specs are as follows:

Windows 10
Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Radeon graphics 2.90 GHz
Ram - 8GB
64 bit OS

Also my laptop only has 1 SSD and its storage space is currently 397GB free of 459GB

Included as well is pictures of my task manager that I checked right after my laptop had these lag spikes.


I can also provide screenshots of all the programs I have running that are listed under my task manager as well if needed.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Try a Clean Boot. If this works, you can leave it this way. Or if you want to find out what is doing it. Then add one Startup Item or Service and reboot each time. When the computer lags, you will know what the problematic program is.
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