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Laptop Gone very slow

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My laptop(new latitude Dell) has suddenly gone very slow in fact it is unusable.
It seems to be something to do with the latest Vista update which downloads automatically from microsoft. When I carry out a backup
restore to beginning of week
it works OK but then automatically downloads the latest
update and it goes slow. Any others have this problem
and what should I do about it.?

Thanks for any help
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Go to the Windows Security Center and the Windows Update window and then change settings it to "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them".

So after you've done your system restore when Windows Update ask you to install updates click "View available updates" and make sure you uncheck the one which is causing you problems.

That's what I'd try anyway ;-)
Thanks for you help. I did as you suggested which gave me enough
speed to defrag the hard disk. After that I downloaded the vista updates
and installed without a problem. Everything running OK although it has to be said that vista is no faster than my windows 1998! Is this really Ten years of progress?

Best regards
Vista is really only as fast as the machine that's running it. As far as your system goes, I have no idea, but my Vista runs quick enough (no, not really any quicker than older os's, but quick enough).

Also, it should be mentioned, especially if you leave your computer on overnight, you should probably have a disk defrag scheduled. It may be overkill, but then again, I've never heard of someone having so much trouble because of the need to defrag.

Just food for thought. Hope it helps.
The problem is your dell.
It's dell.
How old is it, they tend to last about a year running great, if that, and then one thing messes up, and from then forward it will never be the same. you can fix the problems, but new ones will always arise, within minutes.

Well, thats my opinion of my dell, and 4 other cases I know of. And that happened to everybody I know with a dell.
I purchased it Aug 2007 Latitude D531 120GB
I buy dell because I live in France and Dell
provide the software in English. It is now the eighth one I have
bought and only had one problem in the past and dell changed it
the next day.

Thanks for comments and I will definitely
schedule regular defrags.

Robert Dunn
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