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Laptop freezes at Windows logo.

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I have a HP dv9605eo. My problem is, that when windows boots up, it (sometimes) freezes at startup (logo). I thought this might be the case of a bad hard drive. I changed the hard drive, and had the same problem. I then tested the memory to see if that might be the problem, with the BIOS memory test. The test was flawless.

So now I think it might be because of overheating. I am going to open it, and take out some dust, to see if that works.. But i fear that there might be something wrong with the motherboard..

I am also going to check the IDE cable, and I hope its not the motherboard or even the processor, cause those parts are hard to get.

Some helpful input would be nice.

Regards Vetle
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Hello vvfking and welcome to TSF,

You seem to be on the right troubleshooting track here. The next step would definitely be to clean the vents of dust.

You will also want to test the HDD and the Memory using 3rd party software like Memtest86+ and DFT (or your HDD Manufacturers utility)

They can all be found on UBCD.

  1. Download UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD - Download the UBCD)
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose a mirror site.
  2. Create a CD from the image file (.iso)
    • Windows 7 - Double click on the image file to launch Windows Image Burner
    • Vista/XP - Download/install ImgBurn (The Official ImgBurn Website) then use it to create the CD.
  3. Boot the computer to the CD.
  4. From the menu... Select HDD > Diagnosis > Drive Fitness Test.
  5. When prompted, select ATA only.
  6. Run the quick test and note the result and code.
  7. Run the extended test and note the result and code.
  8. Post the results in your next reply.

Keep in mind there could be an issue with the motherboard that is keeping the computer from initializing OS boot.
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