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Dear Tech Support Team,
Recently, I have encountered a perplexing issue regarding Ethernet connectivity when using my Dell laptop configured with a Dell docking station.
System specifications: Dell Latitude 5420 laptop
Operating System: Windows10 (x64) Enterprise Edition
Docking station: Dell WD19S

When the computer is started, it will connect to Ethernet via the docking station. However, after the computer goes into sleep-mode, when I resume work, it has lost connection to Ethernet and is connected to wifi. The only way to resume Ethernet requires restarting the laptop.

Steps performed:
Made sure Dell Command Updates were up-to-date
Ran Windows Updates (including Optional driver updates)
Made modifications to the Device Manager | Network adapters | Advanced tab:
Energy Efficient Ethernet (turned this Off)
Flow Control (Rx & Tx Enabled)
Reduce Speed on Power Down (Disabled)

I have replaced the docking station through Dell’s warranty plan and eventually experienced the same issues. Sometimes I will have Ethernet for four to five days. However, recently it seems that if I leave the computer for an hour and it goes into “sleep mode” that when I “wake it up” it has lost Ethernet once again and I will have to restart the computer to regain Ethernet.
This has happened with another Dell Latitude 5420 as well as a Latitude 7000 series machine.

Any advice / assistance sincerely appreciated.
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