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Laptop crashing, micrsoft can't find cause

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I just recently got a secondhand laptop to replace the one I damaged. It worked fine for the first couple of weeks and started crashing
When I send an error report to microsoft it say it can't find the cause and that it was probably a RAM error and adds that my bios may need upgrading
The first crash was in open office and I think it is related to installing version 3 as an update, and uninstalling previous version.
The second was while copying music onto an mp3 player.
Multiple crashes with WMP 11. My brother downloaded it again and it works now
A crash while on internet, with microsoft office powerpoint running as well. Browser firefox
A crash while playing a dos game: skyroads
I don't understand about crash logs or how to post them.
My brother says my computer needs formatting, but he dosn't know that it is a different one, and that it had been formatted before I got it
I tried a couple of registry cleaning programmes that made no difference
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Go to the Event Viewer and see what program or process is happening when it crashes. Blow out fans with compressed air and get a laptop cooler. As it may be overheating.
Hi rachaelandrew

You can download a free memory tester here
Click 'Download Windows Memory Diagnostic'
Save the mtinst.exe to desktop or somewhere
you can remember.
Once saved double click the file to create a bootable
floppy disk or an ISO that can be burned to a CD
for a bootable CD.
You might have to go into the BIOS to
change the First Boot Device to Floppy or
CD-ROM whichever disk you plan to use.
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I found AVG and security center seem to be running listed about one to two minutes before crashes, however, it doesn't seem to crash every time they are running. I've found something about a driver error
for what device is the driver error? Go to the Device Manager and see if there is a yellow mark next to a device. You would need to download a driver for that particular device. You can also Uninstall AVG and Security center if that makes the computer more stable. Then do a search for any other Anti_Virus software that may be causing a conflict.
I can't find any but realtek family fast internet NIC is disabled. It has 1394 net adapter and Intel(r) pro wireless network connection also installed. They are working, is the other one needed?
however, bios agent plus disagrees. This is the report
This is what the computer tells me. I have made an attempt to attach mindump file Error code 100000d1, parameter1 83000000, parameter2 00000002, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 f6f9ba98.
Attempt two for minidumps


In the event viewer, double-click each crash. Does it say what module is causing the crash? (like a dll) Does it always crash at the same memory address? (It'll be a hexadecimal number like 0c3f1b9a1 or something like that)
Try installing the following update.!

BugCheck 100000D1, {82e00000, 2, 0, f6f9ba98}
Probably caused by : w22n51.sys ( w22n51+73a98 )
Image name: w22n51.sys Timestamp: Fri Jan 02 18:52:33 2004 (3FF54D71)
Please could you tell me which make your Laptop is? Is it an HP by any chance?
my laptop is an Nec.
have attached file copied from event viewer for all crashes even though some are the same


If you go to start run, type services.msc, look through the list. Could you tell me if there is a service called intel AMT (Active Managment Technology) If so is it started?
Having looked about the net a bit. It could be drivers, Page file or Ram.

Drivers - Try updating some of the older ones
Page File - Right Click on my Computer , Properties, Advanced, (Under Performance) Settings, Advanced Tab, (Under Virtual Memory) Change, At the top select the C:, Chose Custom Size and set min to 1024 and max 2048 (Please note this does depend on your hard drive, If 20 GB or over this should be fine.) Chose Set, then click ok. and ok and ok again.
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