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laptop crash

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Computer been in closet for month ,daughter on punishment. Turned on Sunday and saw there was update waiting, clicked on it and walked away, did not check back for about 3 hours, when we did there were only 3 icons on desktop , and no internet you can go to msn but if you type in google or anything you get message that says ( The request lookup key was not found in any activation context
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Try booting into safe mode ( tap F8 repeatedly when you press the power button ) and select restore to a previous time that worked
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thank you , I am trying now
Hey Rich , did not work even in safe mode page cannot be displayed
Then a repair install is the next move . . What Operating System? Do you have the installatin disc?
If you want to try something else before a repair install, try resetting Internet Explorer. Or depending on the version, you could uninstall it then reinstall.

MS instructions on resetting IE

If you want to install Internet Explorer 8, you can download it here first (before you uninstall).
Have you tried using another browser? Do this problem persist on all browsers?
I wanted to check whether the issue is related to IE or your web settings
When you boot into Safe Mode, be sure your booting into Safe Mode With Networking, normal Safe Mode will not allow you to access the internet.
The reason there is only 3 icons is maybe your profile became corrupted and Windows loaded a Default Profile. Go to C:\Documents and Settings and see if there the old profile is there. You can create a new User Profile in Control Panel and copy the My Documents, Favorites, and Desktop folders to the new Profile. Log out of the profile your in and log into the new profile.
As for IE, Go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 8. It will roll back to IE7, reboot into Normal mode and see if that works.
do i go to start run in network safe mode or normal and type in appwiz?
the Add Remove Programs uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 8. It will roll back to IE7, reboot into Normal mode and see if that works.
If you can boot normally, do that. Uninstalling IE may not work in Safe Mode
computer is now stuck will not do anything just goes to blue screen and says installing windows xp
I would run diagnostics on the hard drive

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd

If the drive passes the diagnostic, it's probably worth testing your memory . . click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors
sent laptop to tech guy at wifes job, found out when norton suites expired with our cable carrier, i got new version and old version did not remove proper and this is where my drama began drivers were somehow removed. Thanks for the help from everyone.

Thanks Gitmojoe
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