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laptop black screen, external monitor fine

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my gateway mx8741 the screen decieded to black out now

it will show for a couple seconds then go black it does this when i turn it on or come out of like a power saver mode

i can maybe see things very dimly on screen but hardly(still black)

i put an external monitor on it and it works fine this way

is there a way to fix this, i am good at fixing laptops just havent run into this before
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it will work fully for a couple seconds often (full bright and screen) but then drops to black

are you sure its not the inverter that needs to be replace in screen
i leave the computer running and when it comes out of the power saveing mode, it will show full bright and i can see everything clearly for about 2 seconds (not instantly) it does this every time it comes out of power saver mode

then it flashes over to my monitor

the only reason i put the monitor on there is because it was blacking out

so yes 2 seconds
can you tell me exactly what in the lcd needs to be replaced

to what im aware of, in the screen itself theres

lcd itself
back light
ribbon cables
ebay sells individule parts like the back light and the inverter what about that

2 also i could buy a whole laptop for cheap and try to combine the two lcds to make a good what about that

i like to minimize the cost especially being this is a older laptop now
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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