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asus g53jw laptop, fairly heavy duty laptop (8gb ram, i7, gtx 460m etc) until about 2-3 years ago, still works fine mostly until a few days ago, out of warranty now obviously.
The built-in keyboard packed in about a year ago, due to me tinkering about cleaning gpu fan and i damaged the keyboard interface on motherboard, anyway got a work around solution by using wireless usb keyboard.

so, until a few days ago all was fine, but now internal hard drive seems to have boot issues and i think i can replace it easily enough, however the logitech usb wireless keyboard does not let me get into bios to reinstall windows on new hard drive. i also tried a sharkoon skiller wired usb keyboard, but that does not work at start with del/f10 either.
Anybody know of a keyboard solution that may work?
So, any suggestions welcome.

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