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lappy over heating and burning everything!! help!!

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allright this is my problem.

I have a compaq 2500. bought in 2003. no hardware problems yet ( knocks on wood). but since im a student, i use it for everything. and i want to use it for atleast 2 more years. My problem is this. lately..its been over heating..and the fan seems to sound deceptively like a aircraft engine. it makes too much noise. and it really heats up. and when i put my wireless card in for the net...the card reallly heats up...and the whole computer freezes. and life becomes hard. :4-dontkno . i want to know what to do.

should i take it to the local computer store , get them to open it and clean the fan?. or do it myself? or just spray compressed air in there? or use a high powered vacuum cleaner on the fans from outside? and is the wireless card problem because of the heat? or something else?.

and another thing. my baby is a 256 ram ..and i want to know how hard is it to add another 256 mb to it. should i do tht myself? can i? or should tht be done through a professional too?

thanks to anyone repsonding to this...thanks ju... :grin:

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all your questions answer depends on how brave you are to open the pandoras box. It indeed is not hard but needs some courage if you have never done similar stuff before. I would recommend to open it up and clean it even change it if the motor is bad too. vacum wont work. compressed air might but not likely also it sprays icy liquid sometimes which might cause damage also. its your call :) you do it or let pros do it. You cant learn this stuff unless you put your hands in it also :) But i dont want to be an influence on you in any means.
I have a Compaq Presario 2500 as well.

I too was annoyed with the fan noise as you are until I ran into this site:

One of the posts (forth one down) tells you to go to the support site and download a bios update (KH.F.15). This reduced the fan noise on my Presario 2568CL drastically. Sometimes it even makes less noise than my desktop.
Have you tried removing the battery to see if the the system runs cooler?
If the fan is running that hard and you're not getting cooler then you'll want to clean out the machine. Dust is a very good insulator and can really stress the little fans on our laptops.
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