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Landscape print problems

I hope someone can help--- First the details: Gateway P4, 2.0 GHa, running Win XP Professional. To LPT1 I have a Panasonic KX-P4420 Laser printer using the XP driver (Panasonic doesn't have one for XP). On the USB port I have a Canon S820. The problem: I can't print landscape documents on the 4420. All that comes out is gibberish, but the formatting matches the document. Portrait printing on the 4420 works fine, and all modes work fine on the S820. This appears to only be a problem with MS Excel and Word (both 2002):confused: printing to the Laser Printer. I know that I can print landscape to the S820, but toner's cheaper than ink!

I have reinstalled the print driver to no effect; running "troubleshooting" (basically reformatting docs to portrait vs landscape layout) I narrowed down to above.

I get no error messages on either the printer or within Word or Excel.

Any thoughts out there?


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