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Some weeks ago a company was providing my family and I internet connection, our TV channels etc. ( )
It was DSL, broadband connection.
Now we are not paying for it since May, and I have a LAN connection which a whole buiding is using. I still have the same antivirus, and kept the same settings in windows, but there are some problems now:
- I can't reset my IP
- Downloading softwares, P2P softwares (like Limewire) are downloading with 0 kb/s
- Online games like Counter Strike or S.W.I.N.E are not working either. (Ex; for CS I get "Could not connect master game server to retrieve sever list" error message)

What should I do?

Thanks for any help or advice !

P.S.: When our company had "technical difficulties" and TV-internet was not working we used the LAN connection (we always had it) and the problems were the same.
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